Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monica Bellucci Bangs Hairstyle

Here we have the stunningly beautiful ageless Italian actress and fashion model, Monica Bellucci.

Monica Bellucci could step onto the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards, with a shaved head and still look amazing, but that's not what we have today.

Checkout these pictures of Monica, donning a lovely long brunette hairstyle with stylish bangs.

Nicole Kidman Curly Hairstyle

Checkout this fantastic medium length curly hairstyle, worn by the enchanting American-born Australian actress and fashion model, Nicole Kidman.

Nicole has dabbled in her fair share of hairstyles over the years, and i feel this curly hairstyle does not do her justice.

She looks her best with a long straight style or maybe a updo of sorts.

Beyonce Takes A Beach Break

Beyonce looked in fine spirits as she spent her day-off relaxing on a Monaco beach.
The pop-diva – who is currently on the road with her 'I Am...' 
show – flew to Monte Carlo for a short break between concerts.

On Wednesday she soaked up the sun on the private beach at Club Beach De Monaco with mother Tina, sister Solange and members of her entourage.But despite 'glowing' from the Mediterranean heat, Beyonce seemed reluctant to take off her oversized men's shirt

Victoria Beckham Discusses Stripping Off With David Beckham

Victoria Beckham has spoken about the first time she and husband David Beckham stripped off for their Armani underwear campaign.
The couple appear both together and separately in the adverts, which are featured on billboard around the globe.
Victoria admitted shooting the campaign was intimidating, but said she was glad they could do them as a couple.
The former Spice Girl also revealed that the Armani adverts had been good for her fitness.
“When David and I got to the first shoot we were both standing in our bathrobes, looking at each other and saying, ‘Okay, who’s going to drop their dressing gown first?’” she told Hello.
“It can be a little intimidating standing half-naked in a studio full of strangers, so it’s good to have the support of each other, reassuring and encouraging one another.
“David is always incredibly supportive of everything I do.”
Victoria added that she had never been a gym visitor before signing up for the campaign, but now ran at least four miles a day.
“I really like having something to work towards, so I actually enjoyed the whole process,” she said.
“David was working out a lot as well, so we motivated each other. It was fun.”The couple are believed to have signed a £32million deal with the fashion house.

The year 2011 celebrities

Many people already have plans for tonight. Some of us go to dance, others to hang out with friends at a beach, camping. Still others will stay home, receiving the year's best: sleeping. Each person who receives own way and celebrities as well.

Kim Kardashian: The reality TV star will be in a club party "Tao" in Las Vegas, where he will attend with her friends and ensures the well will be the host.

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas: The couple has decided to attend a concert by the band Cold play to be held also in Las Vegas.

Rihanna the singer will also receive year 2011 in the city of games, but she will at Club Pure, the one where Vanessa Hudgens celebrated his Birthday this year.

Ke $ ha: The singer of "We R Who We R" will receive the new year by offering a concert in New York.

Sarah Silverman: The comedian is the will, in his words, sleeping or watching the series "Law & Order."

Kyle Massey: The actor will be in Bahamas, celebrating in style.

These are some of the things that these celebrities do tonight. Do you have already made their plans, or let the improvisation is responsible for organizing the year-end party?

Lady GaGa sold more records

The year 2010 will be remembered for many reasons. One of them is, undoubtedly who was the most successful in the music industry Justin Bieber or Lady GaGa?

Justin Bieber can boast of being, perhaps, more media that GaGa Since their presence on Twitter, Facebook and even in the media is quite evident and overwhelming. However, at the time the accounts of who sold more records in 2010, Lady GaGa he takes advantage.

Thanks to his record "The Fame (Monster)"The singer is at the top of the list. His album has reached exorbitant selling 5.8 million copies worldwide during this year, according to the account that has developed the web Media traffic.

What Justin? The Canadian singer appears in third place with 5.6 million copies of his album "My Worlds". Their combined record sales are quite high, too, but it was demonstrated that GaGa has dominated the market.

Here I present a list of the top five:

1) “The Fame (Monster)"By Lady GaGa. It sold 5.8 million.

2) "Recovery", Eminem. It sold 5.7 million.

3) "My Worlds" Justin Bieber. It sold 5.6 million.

4) "Need You Now", Lady Antebellum. It sold 3.6 million.

5) "Speak Now" Taylor Swift. It sold 3.5 million

Ashley Benson: Jonathan Taylor Thomas was like my boyfriend

The actress from the series 'Pretty Little Liars' , Ashley Benson said some things about his role in the series and also about the handsome actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas .

Ashley says Hanna (his character in the series) is not dead, " Hanna is not dead. You definitely see a change of character in Hanna in the coming episodes.

She grows much of this whole experience and sees her and her mother before their situations financial . Then the triangle love . "

She and Jonathan Taylor Thomas : "I was in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas . Every time you turn the screen was like my boyfriend . I was like a nerd "

She and her co-stars PLL: "Definitely, we ended up wearing the same clothes sometimes. Sometimes we all have the same coat and all have the same jeans or a dress. It’s Great fun. Therefore, we have the same kind of style, but each of us bring something different "

She dressed in Harry Potter . "I went to see the new movie on opening night and dresses. I thought to bring a coat, goggles and boots. I was like, why not? We were working very late and some of my friends Glee went and everyone was dressed so I did not like feeling out of place. It was fun! ".

Marlene Favela returns to claim his inheritance as heir to the Monte

Actress Marlene Favela returns to telenovelas after paragraph for more than two years away, returns with new character, Paula Del Monte in the soap opera "The Heirs of Monte 'by Telemundo.

This telenovela will commence in January and is a woman after his parents die, she returns to the land they left, to reclaim what belongs to him.

Marlene will couple with the handsome Mario y Jose Luis Resendez Cimarro, the actress is very happy with the new challenge in a role where you will be very different from the previous novels.

I think after two years away from the actress will make enough promotion to the telenovela because while Marlene is undoubtedly a great actress needs to regain its popularity and acceptance.

It is sad that many actresses after leaving their careers to follow men, they lose and when they want to return because their relationship did not work as expected and sometimes are not recognized by the public and now we are the same.

Hopefully this is not the case Marlene and can return to stardom in the soap operas.

Elizabeth Hurley wants a son to George Clooney: "I can wait for marriage"

Elisabetta Canalis in an interview with the weekly magazine In Touch Weekly has said it wants from George Clooney.

According to the interview, Elisabetta Canalis just want her George is the father of her child, because you feel ready to have a child "and it is absolutely okay if he does not want to marry her."

"It’s most eligible bachelor of the known world - writes the weekly In Touch - and should already be thinking about infant Scarpettini? George Clooney, 49, stands with the Italian television star Elisabetta Canalis more than a year and a half and now she feels the hands of her biological clock are running. "

The weekly also writes a source close to Elisabetta Canalis that seems to confirm that the desire for parenthood also belongs to George Clooney: "As George has so far fought the idea of marriage and the family, is finally planning to settle down."

"But Elizabeth is not interested in getting married - In Touch Weekly claims - has an open mind and does not need to marry immediately."

Kim Kardashian sings with Kanye West?

The question arises after the socialite he was seen entering a study of music, where he also attended by the rapper Kanye West. What hand will bring these characters?

Has anyone heard singing to Kim Kardashian? I, at least, I have not had the chance. In any case, it seems that very soon my ears could experience the sensation of hearing the voice of Kim in a melody.

Is that, as I had at first, she has gone to a studio recording where she also met his friend Kanye West and no rule that both are thinking about recording a song a duet .

Furthermore, this type of speculation is made stronger by what one Kim has written over the past two days at his Twitter account: "My God, has no idea what I'm doing today! They are going to die! "" Day 2 goes! ".I do not know what to expect of a possible collaboration of Kim with Kanye, but I'm sure if they do promote good will be a success, given the fame of both.

What makes the "Assi Toni?"

The contemporary Internet philosopher had his famous 5 minutes to over 4 years and if one day the "Assi Toni" speaks, we know surprisingly still who they are.

Was not the guy? Right! In an Internet video of the Assi Toni was on the couch and gave his modern "macho" Theses for the best. Is he the male version of Alice Schwarzer? No that does not fit, maybe the female version?

Nope, that does not fit well... the intelligent - Oh bullshit, we just say: The Assi Toni is the right answer to Alice Schwarzer.

Man, what is the prolosophiert so everything was on his couch! Reminds me a little of our Charlie Harper, but it has its own sitcom "Assi Toni" will not make it. After all, he has been devoted in just 4 months a review on "Arte". Honor to who honor a native, even if that comes somewhat late. Before we devote ourselves to the present, you must show its world-famous video again:

Is really so, or this is just a brilliantly thought-out parody? The cultural channel Arte has him in his hometown, "Offenbach" visits and how the Assi Toni on it today it is here:

Brainless! Said Kelly Osbourne expects from Luke Worrall via Twitter!

Who's the real celebrity bitch? At lest from the perspective Luke Worrall and Kelly Osbourne. After her ex-boyfriend Bubi initially estimated at Christmas creep back into her heart, wanted to Kelly is on the frustration-barrel finally overflowed. Long as they had during the silent background of the separation and, after the first fraud accusations, "even defended. First she wrote on Twitter, that it made her ill and then be asked their fans to be brought Luke to offend no more, because he Beziehungsaus not to blame for the bear would. A few months later, her ex-fiance then the full ass and they have allegedly exploited only.

"Luke has this egg into the pan cut really?"

At lest from the perspective Luke Worrall and Kelly Osbourne.

But why have the two of them ever met at Christmas? Should really be something in their accusations, then I can understand from their perspective, not really. Fooled, deceived, exploited - The guy would have died for ever for me and now we can finally Kelly Osbourne has to say:

Luke Worrall is the biggest piece of shit and wanted to win me back again, even though I only came home for Christmas and I wanted to see how he goes so .

Over 100 girls behind my back, he has guided ** kt, he only used me. Since warned girls, Luke Worrall is an exploitation bitch!

He took me for my free ticket and used as money, I will not tell the whole truth of what he did.

He is the worst thing ever in my life happened is me and I do not give a damn what will happen in the future with him.

I was and will always be too good for Luke Worrall. Honey, your pretty face so far has brought up because he was in no way brain

Do not think that I've ever felt so stupid in the. He has made a fool out of me, I'll use Twitter long time not one; in my life I have never had such a brake in the heart.

Can it be that Kelly Osbourne is well on its own superficiality failed there? Eyes open - mind out! One British reporter had even issued a slap because it had allegedly insulted her Freudn as "stupid". Nevertheless, she held it, after all, almost two years out with a stupid cheat. Hmm since one must indeed a little question which of the two now the "dumber" was? The "stupid" or that has been exploited by a "stupid"? Well the question Osbourne Kelly answered that yourself and most quasi allegations she has once again removed from her Twitter account already.

It speaks not just for the intelligence, if you have to wash his dirty laundry so in public. Have thought that our "weight loss miracle" now sufficient self-consciousness about such things and just enjoy it stands. Outside more "wow” but the inside is still just as "Pooh". What does really because her ex-guy Luke to the allegations?

"Lying on Twitter –It’s Great!"

Sometimes less is indeed more, but somehow I will not shake the feeling that has occurred to him anymore. "Dumb" and "Dumber", some how, the two paired so good, it's a pity now finally be over...

Valentine's Day Ruffled Lace & Sheer Jacket & panty set, One Size Queen, Red/White

Make a surprise in Valentine days for your sweetheart with a beautiful surprise.

Meet Funke Akindele Nollywood's Best Actress

Why did you pack out of Akoka side?
I just wanted a change of environment. I have one or two friends where I stay; I think the place is cool. So, you’ve left your parents.No, we all moved out together.

Obviously, things are looking up, the last time we met, you were using cars for small boys like us, now you are riding a Honda Jeep.
A point of correction, that car you saw is not a small car. It is worth more than one million naira. Well, it is just an improvement; I just wanted something bigger.

It seems you are the hottest actress in the Yoruba genre of the industry. What’s the magic? 
Like I’ve always said, it is all about hard work and prayer. Whatever you do just do it well because you never can tell which job might land you at the top. So, I give it to God and hard work.

I know a couple of actresses who are working hard but not getting as much attention as you are?

Like I said earlier on, prayers also matter. Put anything you do before God and if it is His will, you will surely be celebrated there. The industry is large for any good actress to be noticed. I thank God I’m being appreciated.The pay must surely be good.Thank God, I’m not complaining.

People say you’ve been producing so many movies these days.
I’ve not been producing lot of movies. The only movie I have now is Apadi and it’s yet to be released. That is the only movie I’ve ever produced this year, though, I’ve acted in quite a lot of movies.

Tell me about the movie, Apadi.
It’s a traditional movie, it’s got some lesson in it and it is technically superb. It had a large cast and was shot in traditional setting of Abeokuta and Ilaro.

Who is financing your movie?
I financed Ojo Ketala myself, but my marketer, Olasco Film financed the others. He brings the fund and I produced.

You must be enjoying acting.
Yes, definitely. Acting is my first love, I didn’t get into acting because I wanted money, I just wanted to exhibit my talent. Acting has always been my first love.

But you never had the intention of becoming a full blown actress when you started acting in ‘I need to know’.
Yes, I just wanted to exhibit the talent in me. I wasn’t after making money or becoming a celebrity.

What is still there in acting world that you want to achieve?
I still have a lot to learn and achieve. When I look at the likes of Bimbo Akintola, I shiver and tell myself that I am not there yet. That is a very deep actress, I give that to her. And there is Kate Henshaw, I saw her in Show Me Heaven. That was her best. I was thrilled. I keep telling myself that I still have a long way to go.

Is winning City People best actress not coming too early? 
No, I don’t think so because I’ve worked hard for it. Most of my friends and colleagues sent me texts saying I deserved it. Even people around me feel I deserved it. They gave it to me because they believed I deserved it.

What is next for you after best actress award?
I don’t know, only God can tell. I’ll just keep working harder.

Will you ever produce an English movie?
Why not? When the time comes, I will. It is just that I am sticking to the production of Yoruba movies because I understand the market.

I learnt most movies don’t sell more than 100 000 copies. How true?
I don’t think so. Ekuro, my movie sold more than that. And Taiwo-Taiwo sold more than that. I believe if you have something good in the market it will keep selling. Maybe your first batch sells within that region but later it will pick up if it is a good movie. When my marketer released Ekuro the movie sold 200 000 copies.

What point were you trying to prove in Risikat?
I was called upon to act and I did my best. The character was a street girl and always fighting, that was why I had gloves on.

Star Quest Winner: The Pulse

The legendary Robert Nesta Marley, popularly called Bob Marley would have been smiling in his grave last Saturday night as a group of six music starters which goes by the name The Pulse turned one of his popular classics – Redemption Song into a party hit.

The Pulse, one the three finalists of this year’s edition of Star Quest, the music talent hunt sponsored by Star Lager was no doubt the most popular group given the reaction of the audience anytime they were called upon to perform but, their rendition of the song, literally set the live audience and indeed many viewers across the nation on fire as the Planet One Entertainment Centre erupted in excitement.

The group kept the audience made of the “who is who” in Nigeria’s entertainment industry including returnee Ras kimono on their feet dancing and clapping to the beats and the superlative performance of the group’s lead singers- Dubem Ochokwu and Obianuju Udeh. The group garnered over 99,000 votes from an appreciative nation to win this years competition, beating the second paced band-Xpression with over 84,000 votes.

It was arguably the performance of this duo and may be their original composition titled- “So Tay” that gave them the crown. The Pulse takes over from The Diamonds which won the competition last year and have are become proud winners of N3.6m cash, N7.5m recording contract, a mini van, one year guaranteed accommodation in Lagos as well as appearances as performing artistes at all star lager sponsored events in 2009.

Having eliminated three of the original six bands on Wednesday night-J-Nutia,100 Degrees and C.N.R.G.Y, the 21 day contest came to an unprecedented climax last Saturday with the three remaining bands-Nu Soundz, Xpression and The Pulse battling for the trophy.

The winning group’s outstanding performance has no doubt taken the music talent hunt programme to the next level given the overwhelming response of the viewing public.

For the first time since the competition was launched in 2002, no one particular band has been so popularly accepted like the 2009 winning band.

The Pulse band made up of Dubem Ochokwu, Babatunde Omommeji, Obianuju Udeh, Moses Philips, Charles Nkamiang and Asuquo Okon seem to have had their destiny made right from their first performance at Star Fame Land . Performance after performance, they gradually established their authority as the band to beat and the result as given by the voting public was more or less unexpected.  36 youngsters were selected from thousands of budding talents who turned up for the audition across the six regions of the nation.

Having settled down to the real competition, viewers were presented with the formation of six bands and their performances which ranged from traditional hi-life to acapella, a remix of some popular indigenous and foreign classics.Launched in 2002 with the objective of producing the biggest music band in Nigeria,

Star Quest is designed to compliment and support Star’s musical platform and enable the brand to reach and connect to its consumers all across Nigeria.

It is a music talent hunt where contestants from all over the country are given the opportunity to become the next stars in the Nigerian music scene and win a coveted recording contract, a mini van and cash prizes, amongst others.

Meet American Actress: Femi Emiola

Femi Emiola
Femi Emiola is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in the TV series Wicked Wicked Games and in the web series "If Looks Could Kill".

Early lifeFemi Emiola was born in Iowa City, Iowa to a Filipina mother and a Nigerian father, then both PhD candidates at Iowa State University. Femi lived her early life in the Philippines and in Nigeria before returning to the United States as a teenager. "Femi" is prononuced "F-eh-mi" and means "love me" or "marry me" in Yoruba. Both her parents are chemists.She trained in Theatre Arts at Iowa State University, and studied in New York City with esteemed director and acting teacher, Wynn Handman, a former colleague of Sanford Meisner and artistic director/co-founder of The American Place Theatre in New York City.

Emiola made her film debut in an award-winning short film "The Living Silence". Her performance in the film helped garner the filmmaker, Tanya Steele, a Directors Guild East Coast Student Filmmaker Award.Between 2006 and 2007, Emiola played "Lani Walker", the assistant to vindictive and psychotic Blythe Hunter famously portrayed by Tatum O'Neal in the My Network TV telenovelaWicked Wicked Games, which premiered on December 6, 2006 and aired to completion (65 episodes) in March 2007.

Emiola has also appeared on the television shows ER, Ghost Whisperer, Scrubs, Las Vegas, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Tyler Perry's House of Payne, and The Practice.In 2000, Emiola posed for the artist Meredith Bergmann and her profile became the foundation for Bergmann's Phillis Wheatley, which was part of the Boston Women's Memorial, unveiled in 2003 on Commonwealth Avenue Mall in Boston, MA. The sculpture also included Lucy Stone and Abigail Adams and is grafted from bronze and granite and is Bergmann's largest public commission.In June 2008, Emiola became the face of an innovative marketing campaign by Toyota for the Toyota Camry.

The campaign for the Toyota Camry launched on June 9, 2008 targeting affluent African-American women ages 25-40. There are no television commercials, but instead there is an interactive website,, which includes a video series and an online game. The $5 million campaign centers on the website and a six-episode video series, promoted as "where espionage and high fashion collide." The target audience for the campaign is African-American women with an annual income of $70,000 and up.

The video series stars Emiola as "Bianca Turner" a fashion designer and Toyota Camry owner who becomes unwittingly involved in an espionage plot. Visitors can navigate within scenes and play along, picking up clues to assist Bianca as she tries to solve the mystery. Print and online ads on and also support the campaign which runs June 9 through July 27, 2008. 42 Entertainment in Pasadena, California, developed the game and the site. Burrell Communications, Chicago, is Camry's agency.

Personal Life
Femi married Canadian musician and Internet professional, Kevin Edwards in 2006. They live in Los Angeles.

Miss World 2001: Agbani Darego

Ibiagbanidokibubo 'Agbani' Asenite Darego (born 1983), is a Nigerian model, best known for being the first black African to be crowned Miss World in 2001.Darego hails from Abonnema, Rivers, and was born into a family of eight children. At ten, Darego was sent to boarding school in a bid to shield her from her mother who had breast cancer. Darego's mother died two years later, and her daughter has spoken of how the loss prepared her for the future.

As a teenager, Darego longed to be a model. Although her conservative father was against the idea, she entered the M-Net Face of Africamodelling competition, but failed to make it past the first round. She achieved greater success when she was crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 2001. Contrary to popular belief, Darego did not replace Valerie Peterside after the latter was dethroned - Peterside had won Miss Nigeria. Darego managed to divide her time between her official duties with her education at the University of Port Harcourt where she was studying Computer Science, and she represented Nigeria in the 2001 Miss Universe competition, held in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She placed among the top 10 semi-finalists, finishing seventh. She was the only black semi-finalist that year - and the only finalist to wear a maillot swimsuit

Miss World
In November 2001, Darego traveled to South Africa to compete in the Miss World competition, beating Miss Scotland and Miss Aruba in the final round. Her victory in the pageant, hosted by American talk show host Jerry Springer, was widely welcomed in her home country, and her reign as MBGN was continued by Ann Suinner.Her one year tenure included goodwill trips and scheduled appearances on behalf of the pageant.

In addition, the organizers of the competition began preparations to host Miss World 2002 in Nigeria.One week before the 2002 pageant, erupted in Kaduna and other cities in northern Nigeria after small protests against the competition inflamed simmering religious tension between Muslims and Christians. Several hundred died in the violence that ensued. The 2002 Miss World competition was moved from Nigeria to the United Kingdom, where it was staged in London that December.

Post-pageant career
Darego left the University of Port Harcourt after her reign as Miss World ended in 2002. She is signed to Next Model Management, and is currently pursuing a modelling career in Europe.She has modelled for L'Oreal cosmetics.In 2006, it was reported that Darego had posed topless at a fashion show; her actions caused an outrage in Nigeria