Sunday, May 1, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton: commemorative coin

The Royal Mint the UK has developed a currency special honor to compromise between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

There are many ways to celebrate a wedding. Especially when those characters are going to marry royalty. The Prince William England and his girlfriend Kate Middleton marriage shrink next year and therefore have produced a currency in his honor. This will have the value £ 5, equivalent to U.S. $ 7.75 or so.

"We are delighted to present this new currency. The design especially by the future spouses has been approved by the Prince William and Her Majesty the Queen, "a representative of the Royal Mint.

Only 50,000 copies have been prepared, so if any of you want to get one, hurry. The currency is delivered in their own special packaging.

As data, I tell them this is the first time you design a currency to honor a commitment. So: Congratulations to the couple!

Lady Gaga: "Born this way" will be her most innovative album

Singer Lady Gaga said in an interview that the disk ready for next year will be the biggest innovation since the start of his career. How scary!

Play's own mouth Gaga the word "innovative" gives me chills. So I'm a little afraid of what the singer of "Alexander" has said about his own album to be launched next year, entitled "Born this way“.

In an interview with BBC News beat, Gaga states that the first single from his new album will be released in February 2011, and the full album will come later and will be "the most innovative work" that has done so far.

According to Gaga, ‘Born this way’s "a marriage of music electronically rhythms with some epic, dare I say metal, rock 'n' roll, pop, melodies of hymns that will resound tracks Prom. "

Lady Gaga also revealed that the disc itself is finished, just missing some details of post production. He said that the album had been written by their fans. "I think the lyrics on this album are more poetic. Have been written by the fans really are the ones who wrote the songs for me, because every night they influence a lot in me. So, this album is for them. 'Born this way’s about the little monster inside me and me, mom monster. "

Have you seen? How scary!

Taylor Swift: "Gwyneth Paltrow is like my sister"

The relationship between the singer and actress seems to be pretty good. Singer Taylor Swift gets along with Gwyneth Paltrow, even considers her sister.

“Taylor loves his brother Austin, who is two years younger than her, "but she always wanted a sister and fell in love with Gwyneth, "" She met Gwyneth through her husband, musician Chris Martin, and have formed a great friendship, "" They communicate by e -mail or phone all the time, "" They talk a lot about music, performance and quality, but also talk about normal things, like boys and dating, " said one insider.

Taylor has many friends, often going out with Selena Gomez very often, even said that the friendship of Selena and Demi broke because Taylor was put in the middle, you do not believe it but they say some fans. The fact is that Taylor considers Gwyneth and her sister and that's good, I guess.

Victoria Beckham: Once "and back - the tires are gone!

Victoria Beckham 2010 vs. 2008! Yes they did it...
She has actually done it! Victoria Beckham has her breast surgery admitted at last. This one could already see it on 10 meters that these tires definitely not made by "Mama Nature" were. Since the summer of 2009 had its front end but surprisingly modest and is not due to any nutty diet, but on a second breast-Op.

First they had to pump up the things and zoom out a few years later. You have to go just in time and giant Happen are just not very "Haute Couture" says the Pottschalk.

Because of trends on the operating table how ridiculous, because Victoria Beckham had her breast but keep the same old can.

At least she is honest and confessed their last engagement in an interview with British Vogue. "The grenades are gone!" Its selbstiornischer comment, but why and explain why they would not.

Must honestly admit the Pottschalk also that he / Breast-change is not noticed. But that's probably because your neckline in recent months so cleverly concealed and me, this lady has lost interest so real.